Earlier today Motorola left a blunt reply to a YouTube commenter on their Motorola Atrix 4G video who said that Motorola should easy up on unofficial development and stop using Locked Bootloaders, that reply being..

@tdcrooks if you want to do custom roms, then buy elsewhere, we’ll continue with our strategy that is working thanks

Well Motorola if you’re going to be like that, the development community will move on, and mostly already have. As you can see in the image above, when a Facebook user told Motorola how they felt about the comment, Motorola stepped back and apologised for its rude reply and insisted they are working on a ‘Bootloader Solution’ to allow unofficial development but also protect their users interests. Do you think it’s too little, too late for Motorola? Personally, we’d like to see every effort made to support the development community. It’s not just Motorola in ‘hot water’ with developers/hackers, Dell is also being pressured into giving out some of the Streak’s source to allow more development. Let’s hope they give in.

Source: Android Central.
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Their “users” are ATT – not you and I. Sadly, we are directing alot of heat towards Moto, when we should simply be moving away from the likes of ATT to more open providers. ATT learned a long time ago that they could “rent” exceedingly simple software features (um, can you say Caller ID). Almost every company has learned since, T-Mobile wants to “turn on” teathering for $15 a month – and they didn’t invest a penny in writing the software. So, mods “bad” for cell phone companies – they can’t collect that extra profit. If Moto wants to sell… Read more »


Okay, I’m a computer nerd, but I don’t want a “development platform”. I want a phone that can run updated ROMs created by the community.

If I do end up getting a Milestone, it’ll likely be a second-hand one so that Motorola doesn’t get any of my money.


<3 Blur!


Blur is Blah.


If they were serious about unlocking the bootloader they would have a system in place to do it, especially for unlocked phones. But they dont, and wont so maybe Moto are correct, if you want custom roms go elsewhere, I’m sure HTC don’t mind.

My guess is they don’t like people “not using Blur” which is why they do not want custom roms. Remember they stated that Blur was gone, but its appeared on the phones at CES.


I think someone working for Motorola just got a fairly hefty foot up the ass over that initial comment. Wow.


That is an incredibly good post.

Bah, doubt it will ever happen, and even then, I don’t like the chances of them unlocking the bootloaders on older phones.

Also on the motorola front, apparently a leaked chinese press release states that the Froyo Update for the Milestone 1 will be released on the 25th, Be interesting to see whether it actually happens though.

Sauce: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=920177


Andrew Martini – 1

Moto – 0


LOL that guys post, win.


It may just be that the YouTube comment didn’t actually reflect company policy.

Personally, I’d like to see Motorola continuing with Android and delivering on promise of a bootable solution.

The more of these are out there, the less likely that a new comer to the party is not going to play ball with the community.