I’m sure a lot of you were, and possibly still are, annoyed at Sony Ericsson because they won’t be updating your ‘premium’ device beyond the delicious treat that is Android 2.1 “Eclair”. Well it turns out their not updating it because of one application, one I never used the whole time I owned an Xperia X10, TimeScape. TimeScape is an application that Sony Ericsson wet themselves over when they launched the Xperia X10, as it brought together all your social interactions into a good-looking, terrible to use, interface. SE said they had problems ‘uncoupling’ the application that is evidently deeply embedded into the OS, which stops them from ‘porting’ it to Android 2.2.

So they can’t get TimeScape to work on Android 2.2 for the Xperia X10, yet they can mysteriously get it working on Android 2.3 for the Xperia Arc. That makes sense, Sony Ericsson, we’ll believe that..

Source: Techradar.
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Thanks for the info, it’s really great news to hear we X10 users haven’t been forgotten.


im disappointed on sony ericsson letting 1 app to get in the way i dont even use timescape ive got a x8 i was hoping for the upgrade to 2.2 to put apps on the memory card i think thay should give people an option to do upgrade or not


Only thing they have to do is get rid of the bloody time thing and upgrade the software for the customer and I’m selling it and it is just piss me off


of all the crappy included software that smartphones include to lag up your phone beyond use, timescape has to be the worst


Sony Ericsson do well in design, but as an early adopter I’m quite disappointed by this.


Its too hard, I give up!


makes total sense…. Sony Ericsson does not think highly of continuing support for our products


That’s ridiculous, android 2.x introduced custom sync feeds, so if anything it would have been (and probably was) android 2.1 < that gave them this problem.