This is what dreams are made of…well mine anyway. This concept phone, built on stock Android and sporting some insane features, including, 3 Flexible Super AMOLED screens,  with Gorilla Glass on the top, steel mesh to bind the displays together, Aluminium chassis and LED lighting, now who doesn’t like LED lighting on phones? But what makes this a real winner is the way is put to use. The bad side? it’s a render and is not real, why oh why can’t concepts turn into reality? The concept was designed by Kristian Ulrich Larsen, and it just melts my mind. All I can say is, check out the video after the break , to get a glimpse of what could be, but probably won’t.

What is being creative? from Kristian Larsen on Vimeo.

Source: Engadget.
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    Great product – terrible script! Even the actress isn’t interested…


    I think that’s where you’re wrong Sean.
    The script was the most important bit…the phone will come and go, but the truth in the words is something to pay attention to.
    The video was showing off the phone and was not about the girl, so she shouldn’t have been interested in the camera, but was perfect for capturing the purpose of the video.
    At least, that’s the way I see it.

    Lucas Burnett

    because even though it’s flexible that doesnt mean it can survive impacts


    What’s the point of Gorilla Glass on a flexible screen?


    It dose look like a cool device but it would could a heap to buy I am sure($2k+ at today’s prices). I would not be surprised if we would be seeing something like this in the next few years and maybe even next years CES if a phone company started work on it now.

    B. Lopes

    Where can I get one?! I loved it! (I know it’s just a design but would be awesome!)…

    Julian Hutchison

    ahhhhhh…… wow! ….now that’s a phone! :O


    Fk I wanta one!!!!

    Android Development

    Truly unbelievable. Awesome! just awesome concept. Technically its very very difficult to achieve something like this in reality but I am sure not an impossible dream to achieve for people like Kristian Larsen.

    Lucas Burnett

    all of the above 🙂


    fucking awesome.


    holy balls… someone has to jump on this