Update: Our competition has now closed, thanks to all who enter. Good luck!

Be one of the first to own a Nexus S from Google in Australia! The Nexus S features Samsung’s groundbreaking hardware to offer amazing performance on Gingerbread, the fastest Android™ platform yet.

We’re excited to announce a competition to WIN a Nexus S! This is thanks to Vodafone and Samsung who have partnered with Ausdroid to bring you the latest device running Android’s new Gingerbread platform.

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Nexus S looks like a very wonderful phone and with Gingerbread it is awesome combination.

Dylan Waghorne

so many images taken from google images

Ishida Kanzar

I’m liking some of the entries! Props to the guy/gal who did the one with the gingerbread android hugging the phone…

Ishida Kanzar

🙁 Then -1 to the submitter unless they actually own it…

Buzz Moody

Nice spotting, cheers.

Peter Scott

Ah, just finished mine and entered. Fingers crossed!

Dylan Waghorne

… i was half way through a minecraft android and i realised someone else already did one.. 🙁


woohoo, australian competitions, love it.


Thank you! Submitted. Hope I win.


So the phone will be $699 prepaid? Nice.

Dylan Waghorne

have to be over 18 fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Chris Rowland

Have a parent enter for you? 😀


Is Buzz disqualified then? I think he’s <18y.o… ;P

Buzz Moody

It’s true, I can’t enter. :'(


Thanks for organising the competition guys! I’ll enter it if I didn’t have my phone already but I’ve forward it to a couple of friends of mine and maybe they will enter.