People who were after an extremely robust handset, but wanted the modern features of the latest Android devices, only had the Motorola DEFY as their option and Telstra as the carrier of choice.

From today this has changed. Telstra agreement has run it’s 3 months and now it’s up for grabs with Optus.

Starting today the DEFY is free on the $49 Cap whether it be consumer or business on a 24 month contract. The handset will be coming in both a black and white version. Tradies and people who destroy their phones now have another option, on another network.

Hit up your local dealer and get cracking.

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David Anderton

Will it also be on Virgin?

Lucas Burnett

It’s doubtable straight off the bat, it took Virgin about 3 months to get the Galaxy S, in fact it wasn’t until the Optus exclusive period was over till they got it. Even though Optus own Virgin , they still compete with each other and exclusive agreements tend not to flow onto then.

David Anderton

Meh its got crappy Motoblur anyway! Thanks for your info Lucas


Awesome! 🙂

David Anderton

if it was a htc phone i would be all over this shit!


“i would be all over this shit”. You WHAT?