According to Engadget and Samsung’s Facebook page, Samsung are getting ready to launch another tablet into the market. With CES and MWC already over, where is this gonna be thrown down you say? , CTIA is where. CTIA, for those who don’t know, is essentially an industry trade group then represent the wireless telecommunications industry in the US of A, who, amongst other things, throw a trade show or two. Enough about that however and into the juice. Hit the break for where it’s at.

The rumour has been around for a while, with Engadget reporting on the 3 sizes of Samsung tablets way back in June of last year. There is no other information available other then it’s going to announced on the 22nd of March at Samsung’s Unpacked mobile event. 3 sizes of tablet makes sense, 7, 8.9 and 10.1 basically, makes sure there is a tablet for everyone. The 7 inch Galaxy Tab should slot into the cheaper spot, it needs to drop to about $499 outright, with the 8.9 coming in around the $699-$749 price and lastly the 10.1 mother load hitting at around $899-$949. Sound fair? let us know in the comments, and of course, like always, we will bring you the news relevant to Australia from CTIA as it happens.

Source: Engadget.
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Manufacturers who cut the machine spec into half (e.g. half storage and memory size compared with competition) are courting disaster as these things are non upgradable and people are smart enough to know and avoid painting themselves into a courner to start with.


7 inch 3.0 is what I want. Manufacturers have underestimated the hardship of bringing a tablet when you are walking, on the train or bus. My current will last until a next suitable one comes (and actually sells). For too long we are having nothing but hot air. Those who have delivered are so far underwhelming in various ways. Unlike the laptop, I won’t but it 10 times to get it right.

Sujay Vilash

I don’t see the point of non Apple manufacturers releasing their iPad killers and then pricing them such that it is cheaper to buy the iPad. Confusion reigns supreme when they use Android as their OS which is available to them free. I’d like an explanation on how an iPad killer using a free OS can be almost 40-50% dearer than the iPad itself. Most displeasing.


I think tablets are overpriced right now. you can expect the prices to drop by mid year. Heck they could even drop based on the ipad2 announcement tomorrow.

The rumour has been around for a while, with Engadget reporting on the 3 sizes of Samsung tablets way back in June of last year.