With 700,000,000 Facebook members worldwide and ~50,000,000 installs of the Facebook for Android application, it’s about time Facebook shows Android a little more love through their app. The Android application has always been behind the iOS equivalent and parts of it even crash on Honeycomb, as well as it missing basic features such as comment liking, video uploads and access to Facebook Pages. But this is all about to change. Facebook is currently running a private beta (invites have closed) for Facebook for Android v1.6 which will bring to Android all of the basic functionality it’s currently missing:

  • Ability to like comments on statuses
  • Upload videos on-the-go (no word if Wi-Fi is needed like YouTube)
  • Access to Facebook Pages
  • A plethora of bug fixes (please make it work on Honeycomb!)

It will be interesting to see if the update will make use of fragments on Honeycomb or whether they’ll neglect Android tablets a little longer. I for one certainly can’t wait to get my hands on Facebook for Android v1.6

Source: Android Police.
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    Rick Thatcher

    I’ll be very happy if they fragment this properly so I can use it on my Xoom.


    About time! To use facebook on my SGS I usually use the mobile site because the app is a massive letdown.


    Is it really that hard to implement on a touch screen? I can tag people on my GT 10.1v on the full browser page, why not my GS II in app?


    Facebook for Android gives Beta a bad name. It has been the most buggy and inconsistent app on my phones ever. If there was a better alternative I’d use it. Half the time it fails to update even if my data connection is flowing to other apps.


    Photo tagging?



    Matt Smith

    if they could add viewing event walls as wel, that would be awesome! Cause seriously, i can view that on the mobile site but not on one of the most popular mobile OS apps. Really Facebook?! Get your act together


    Its about freakin time they gave pages access!

    Ian Tester

    What’s face book?


    I’d like to hope they keep ignoring Honeycomb; we still have no love for the iPad yet! 😉

    Chris Rowland

    Android is greeeeat 😉


    I don’t use Facebook, but if I did, I think the combination of the Facebook app and a smartphone would be deadly addictive to some people.

    I heard a lot of people complaining about the FB app on Android though.