To add some more credence to the Motorola XOOM end-of-life rumour we posted about earlier. It seems as though the Motorola XOOM 2 may have just passed through the FCC, however only dimensions were mentioned. With all this price dropping and talk of pushing the XOOM out the door, we also recieved another small piece of information from the same source. This time round it seems the XOOM 2 is likely to land in Australia before Christmas. If true, everything is starting to line up. Galaxy Tab 10.1v was pushed aside almost straight away, mainly to make room for the revised 10.1. Now the XOOM is being pushed to one side in favour of the 10.1 and maybe the XOOM 2? We are going to keep our ear to the ground and finger on the pulse to see if we can confirm this rumour.

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Guess the FCC part was the Xoom LTE. A Xoom successor would not be final enough that FCC makes sense.
After the update Xoomgate it might be better if Moto gives the successor another name.

Zane Kearney

I would imagine that this woould be one of those devices that were going to be shipping in august with kal-el which definetly makes it tempting, but i think i might stick to my transformefor a year or so more, as unfortunetly there aren’t going to be any must have apps that wont run on that to force an upgrade.

Christopher Salmon

Dammit, I just received my Xoom from eBay earlier this week as well!


If it gets the Kal-El graphic card in it, I might look at getting this.

Dylan Waghorne

xoom 2 already? jesus