As you’ve probably noticed in the last couple of weeks, we’ve brought on board three new writers to Ausdroid: Irwin Proud, Daniel Tyson and Phil Tann. These fine young gentlemen have been learning the ropes and will soon be running the show whilst I study, like a boss of course.

Irwin (posts) is a familiar figure here at Ausdroid; being a regular voice on the bi-weekly Ausdroid Podcast. He’ll be bringing you local news as well as device reviews in the near future. His email, should you wish to contact / tip him some news is: irwin [at] ausdroid [dot] net

Daniel (posts) has been a longtime supporter of Ausdroid, always getting involved in conversation on Twitter and the Ausdroid Podcast chat whilst we stream it live. Both Daniel and Phil were the chosen applicants of our request for new writers a month ago. Daniel can be contacted at daniel [at] ausdroid [dot] net

Phil (posts) is an all out tech-nerd whom has been featured on the Ausdroid Podcast before, and will be writing articles on the latest news here in Australia and abroad — much like Daniel. Phil can be contacted at: phil [at] ausdroid [dot] net

Myself and the rest of Team Ausdroid are excited to have all three of these guys on board to help us bring you guys (the readers!) more news, more often. So be easy on them whilst they’re still learning, okay? 😉

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    Congratulations to you guys! Look forward to reading your stuff on here.


    I guess my application wasn’t accepted then


    Ditto. Nice to know. 😉




    Congratulations guys!

    I was kinda hoping for a female to join the team, so I didn’t feel so alone in my geeky android loving ways haha.