Users of the Nexus S have apparently been reporting issues with the Voice Search function baked into Gingerbread activating of its own accord randomly, as a Nexus S owner i`ve never come across, but it’s apparently serious enough for Google to announce that it`s rolling out an OTA update to Android 2.3.6 to fix this bug.

However it appears to come with a catch, users who have completed the update are reporting that this breaks the tethering side. I asked VodafoneAU_help about this update on Twitter last night and they advised they have no news on the update but to keep watching their software information page.

Just as a side note, you might be thinking 2.3.6? I’m on 2.3.4, what happened to 2.3.5?

In the US the 2.3.5 was rolled out as a fix for Sprint Nexus S 4G users who experienced WiMax issues, so i`m guessing this update will be fairly useless for users in Australia but will be rolled into the 2.3.6 update anyway when it arrives. We`ll keep you posted on the update.

Source: Engadget.
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Will be on the lookout for the update. Must say I haven’t noticed this issue either.

Jake Oliver

What of 2.3.5?

Been on the aosp github for ages, Both CM7 and MIUI use it as their base.


For some reason I can’t get 2.3.4 on my Handtec purchased unbranded SGS2 yet!


I am regularly amazed at how you find this information Dan. Keep up the good work!


I can’t stop staring at the zits on that woman’s face >.>

Ian Tester

How about voice search that works, instead of just doing a Google search on the text? I thought the problem was just with my rooted Milestone running a custom ROM, but my Mum just got a Sensation and it did exactly the same thing right out of the box. Why can’t we search our contacts or get directions like in the demo video?