It is a sad day in Tech history when one of the pioneers of the Digital Age is taken before their time.

Steve Jobs, founder of Apple Inc., today lost his battle with cancer, he was only 56 years old.

Here at Ausdroid we’re passionate about all things Android, but today is the day we step back and appreciate the influence that Steve Jobs had on mobile computing.

Directly, he was the person who put a computer in our pocket, and I know people will say that it would have happened without him, but no one was even close to the polish and performance of the iPhone when it was released in 2007.

Indirectly, Android wouldn’t be what it is today without the perseverance of Andy Rubin escaping the shadow of Steve Jobs’ legacy with iPhone and iOS.

It was Steve Jobs attention to detail and design initiative that forced Android partners around the world to keep pushing the envelope on their devices, to make them bigger, better and stronger just to beat a device that is updated every 12 months.

From all of us at Ausdroid – Buzz, Chris, Lucas, and all of us writers – we’d like to thank Steve Jobs for his contribution to the world of tech and we wish his friends and family our sincerest condolences.

Source: Apple.
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I was hoping to find something on here about this. Well said, I wholeheartedly agree


I’ve seen it in the news today but never took the time to read until now. I’m glad this article made android users stop and take a moment to remember the genius who contributed so much to the mobile industry.


As much as I do not like Apple as a business, you can not deny Steve Jobs helped revolutionise the way we as a society use technology. The world as a whole has lost someone special.


Well said, my thoughts exactly

Dylan Waghorne

He was a marketing genius. 





Geoff Fieldew

Good job Irwin. It’s one of the rare times it’s appropriate to have Apple news on Ausdroid. It shows we’re considerate and not a bunch of rabid hating fanboys. RIP Steve Jobs. A Brilliant Man.

Buzz Moody

It would be stupid of us not to say thanks to such a great man. People can think what they like of Apple as a whole, but Steve was a genius in this industry. 


No matter what you think of him, no one has done more to bring devices to the mainstream.If it wasn’t for him anytime we pull out our smartphones we would have been labelled as geeks. Now it is socially acceptable to have such a device.


Not trying to take away from a nice post, but why is the tweet about this post tagged with #android and #ausdroid? i guess i can understand why your other tweets are (although when pretty much 100% of your tweets have this tag it’s pretty redundant), but why this post?

Buzz Moody

It’s done automatically.


Very sad to hear. 

My thanks to Steve for bringing the smart phones into our lives and our condolence to his family.