Update: Scroll to the bottom of the article to see an enhanced version of the screenshot above.

If you’re not currently aware, there’s going to be a massive announcement from Samsung and Google at an event they’re holding on October 11th. No one is 100% sure of what will be announced there, but the going rumour is it will be the Nexus Prime’s unveiling — I sure hope so. Well today Samsung have posted a teaser video for the event on their YouTube channel (I’ve embedded it after the break) which shows the side of a device that appears to have a curved front surface. The Nexus S has a curved front surface, so this may be a continuing theme for the Nexus Series. I’m not a massive fan of the curved display, but at least it will stop them getting sued by you-know-who.

The going theme throughout the video is “some things just go better together.” I imagine a kick-ass phone along with Ice Cream Sandwich would indeed go better together. In the image above you can notice 3 connectors on the left side, they’re used to connect to docks; looks like we’ll be seeing some accessories for this baby as well. The slogan “something BIG is coming” can only mean one thing: a large display, perhaps 4.6-inches. Let us know what you think in comments. Video after the break.

This enhanced version shows that it has two ‘humps’ on the rear of the device; camera on the right; loudspeaker and radios on the left. The curve of the screen isn’t as dramatic as first thought, it’s actually quite flat in comparison to the curved blue glow that is atop of it. It also looks very Nexus S on the front and Nexus One at the back. Interesting, thanks @xavierdylan

Source: YouTube.
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The Manic Maniac

Ah with the updated picture, the phone doesn’t look that curved, which is good.

Depending on the specs and how good stock ICS looks, I’d consider selling my SGSII for this baby. But then again, I wouldn’t want to have to sell the Nexus Prime for the SGSIII next year.

Too many good Android phones these days. Makes my decisions so hard.


The phone on a white background.

Joe Lancaster

What do you think of this? plus.google.com/113842444453130095060/posts/KTSLWUZ8pHP



That’s interesting, and it would go along with the whole trailer of “something just go better together. But a curved-screen tablet? I’m not sure about that.

Would be very impressive if Samsung do this though, have the phone and tablet revealed.


If this is true, it is going to be absolutely amazing and will blow Apple fan boys out of the water hahaha.

Sometimes I find it hard to justify the need for a new phone but I guess if I have the option to purchase a tablet with it I could be swayed easier.


I hope the hardware keyboard version is not just another rumour. Two Nexus Prime device options would be awesome!


Yes, I think that would be fantastic.
If they made a model with a hardware keyboard… I couldn’t even imagine how great that would be.

I wasn’t planning on upgrading for some time… but if a QWERTY Nexus Prime comes out, with a 4.6″ (or even a 4.3″) screen.. I think I’d change my mind.
Either way, I’m looking forward to next week..


Assuming that this announcement is not as disappointing for us as the iphone4S was for fanbois then i think there is only one word for this: GroupBuyGroupBuyGroup BuyGroupBuyGroupBuyGroup BuyGroupBuyGroupBuyGroup BuyGroupBuyGroupBuyGroup BuyGroupBuyGroupBuyGroup BuyGroupBuyGroupBuyGroup BuyGroupBuyGroupBuyGroup Buy  LOL! 

BTW: dont forget the podcast tonight (wednesday 5th Oct) people


Most likely will be the Nexus Prime, but you know what would be really, really awesome?

An un-announced, un-known tab that Apple couldn’t get their greasy mitts on.

But then I assume they would have a lawsuit saying that it’s too much different from the iPad and will hurt their sales.

Saying that though, I’m probably up for a new phone in the next few months, hopefully this is getting released in the near future.

Buzz Moody

Early November is the release date.


Looks amazing… If it is even nearly as good as the SGS2 then it will be a winner

Mick Bourke

I was thinking about getting the HTC Sensation XE, but the Nexus Prime has really got me excited. Can’t wait to see some online reviews, although the screen is going to be huge. As in, nearly too big.

Buzz Moody

Man, I planned the title of this article well. So many ways you could go with it.


Now THIS is a news article!!
My *only* concern is the curved display. I don’t see how it would be comfortable when I have it in my pants pocket. I mean it’s curved from top to bottom, not side to side, so it wouldn’t contour around my thigh. I don’t have/never used a Nexus S, so I’m worried that this might be a complaint I have of the phone.

Still though, the side shot looked sexy. Let’s hope that ICS pulls through and is a fantastic OS.

Brandon Pomeroy

When you put it in your pocket, the angle of the pocket actually causes the handset to sit quite comfortably against your leg on a slight angle and actually feels quite secure.  Or at least that’s been my experience.


woah, my hype / expectations went from low to super high
even though it’s just the side, it looks like a nice (and different) design. can’t wait!!
I guess that means it has the samsung side power button but can’t say that’s a bad thing.