Do you remember the 5.3-inch Galaxy Note that was announced by Samsung at IFA? Well that bad boy is expected to hit Australian shores in the early part of 2012 according to the exclusive at Good Gear Guide. Samsung Australia have said that they are working with their partners and expect a launch in the new year.

If you’re not aware of the Samsung Galaxy Note, it’s a 5.3-inch tablet-phone (‘Phoneblet’ here on in) with a 1280×800 display which racks up 285ppi. It runs Android 2.3 — expect Ice Cream Sandwich when it launches here — and is powered by a 1.4GHz Dual-Core CPU. There’s an 8MP camera on the rear which shoots 1080p and a 2MP camera on the front which shoots your face. The battery is 2500mAh, so you should get a full days use out of it. The Galaxy Note also supports stylus input if that’s your kind of thing, and the stylus can be stored inside the device even though the device is under 10mm thin.

Samsung are marketing the Galaxy Note as a device that brings together everything you can do on several mobile into one; hence ‘Phoneblet’. The Galaxy Note can make calls and supports 21Mbit HSPA+ on 850/900/1900/2100MHz bands. Interestingly enough there will be a LTE version, and since Telstra has tipped a 2012 release of their first LTE phones and tablets, I don’t see why the Galaxy Note won’t be eligible to be both of those.

Source: Good Gear Guide.
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Why does this site have a theme that makes it like I’m using an iPhone?


Does anyone know the exact date one of the Australian carriers will get the note? Really hating my iPhone…


Coming to Aus soon!!

The Note has just been included as one of the Samsung devices that is allowed to download the free Navigon Australia-NZ app.

I’ve had mine since Nov 2011, and after loading Go Launcher, it is fantastic. The first phone (not tablet, though it will suffice for one) that actually works for surfing the internet. The 1280×800 screen (same as the Tabs) makes it so.


I was initially thrilled with my Samsung Note that I got from Malaysia but, for some odd reason, my market account won’t let me download apps. It says, downloading but, never downloads. Can anyone HELP?


Awesome phone, I have only had it for 4 days and after owning every iPhone that has come out I am really enjoying Galaxy Note and Android, will be selling my iPhone 4S now. It’s big but the Note feels lighter in my jeans pocket than the iPhone 4S


Man that is BIG!! 
I hope it will fit in my pocket as I would love to use it as a Satnav in the car.


While the Note is better in most respects than the Galaxy Tab 7, the latter is better as a GPS. 5.3in cannot compare to 7in.


As a happy Dell Streak 5 user, this is good news. The ~5″ screen format isn’t for everyone, but it’s great to have choice and diversity. Oh, and it’s a “Phablet” (as in fabulous phablet), not a “Phoneblet”. You saw it here first – pass it on 🙂

vijay alapati

as a dell streak User i was first not interested as its more than 5″ but now thinking it will get IcreamSandwich the screen will have onscreen button and make it almost 5″….ok i’m ready for the game……

Nigel P

Unless Apple decide that it looks like an iPhod (cross between iPad and iPhone) and block it.

Yes still waiting to see a Tab 10.1 in stores


Their use of the name ‘note’ infringes on the iPad because note + pad =notepad?

Buzz Moody

Actually, Samsung can sue Apple. Because Samsung had the letter ‘a’ in their company name before Apple did.

Geoff Fieldew

The LTE Radio makes it particularly interesting to me. The outright price may be a little scary though!