With the expected launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note in Australia around the corner, Samsung are prepping another colour variant that might just see a launch here also: ‘Berry Pink’. Obviously Samsung wants to appeal to the ladies (and all lovers of pink) with the new colour scheme which was leaked to GSM Arena. The public launch date is set for early March, so it will more than likely be shown off at Mobile World Congress which runs from the 27th of Feb to the 1st of March.

I don’t think many people particularly care about the colours though, they just want an Aussie launch and soon!

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Lots of talk that ICS is coming to the Note in early March so I wouldnt be surprised if it launches here on vodafone/telstra with ICS early march right after MWC


Pink is just ughhh, I can’t speak for all women personally but I would definitely prefer white or a classic silver. What ever happened to beautiful silver phones? Everything seems to be black as black.


“Does it come in Pink?”

Wooo!  Honestly if this thing is available outright somewhere for the right price I might retire my (black. eww) SGS to the job of Backup phone, and make this thing of pink beauty my new main phone! So happy right now.


On the whirlpool thread for the Samsung Note, there seems to be a few female posters than on the other thread so Samsung might be on a good thing here.


Yeah quite a few of my female friends (mostly none techy) really like my GNote. Sammy might be onto a winner here.