Not sure how I missed this one, but there’s a video floating around the web of the HTC Ville. It gets shown off quietly for around 3 minutes, and during that time you get a good look at how thin the device actually is, which lines up with the rumours of it being <8mm in thickness. Within the phone is a 1.5GHz Dual-Core CPU, 4.3-inch Super AMOLED qHD display, 8MP and 1.3MP cameras, and a 1650mAh battery. The more exciting part is that it is running Android 4.0 w/ Sense 4.0 which looks far less intrusive and more like the normal Android look & feel -- something people have been hounding HTC about for ages. As for the design, it does kind of look like the Nexus One, so HTC aren’t putting a lot of work into their designs and obviously going with thin devices that have worked for them in the past. Nonetheless we’re eager to see this and the HTC Endeavor to be shown off at Mobile World Congress in 2 weeks.

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Telstra handset, this phone supports UMTS.


Also has an NFC chip.


The name is a bit too close to “vile” and that’s how I keep pronouncing it!!


Stock Android is boring in my opinion…HTC Sense is gorgeous, and very functional…I’m happy to sacrifice a little battery and top end performance for the whole Sense thing.

But this is another Snapdragon, so I’ll pass and go for the Endeavour 🙂


Geoff Aluminium Case Design, it has ICS.

Dislike: Sense UI, Looks chunky and heavy.

Just my opinion but the interface looks horribly pretentious compared to the no fuss, functional and beautiful stock ICS.

I’d like to see HTC, Samsung, etc come up with an interface that compliments ICS rather than run rough shod all over it.

I have hope that Sony may pull it off. I thought their UI on the Arc complimented Gingerbread beautifully.


where it says “Geoff” it should say “Like:”

Christopher Salmon

The UI of stock Android and the UI of HTC Sense have gone in completely different directions.  Too much fluff in their software, and the end result is not a very snappy, responsive phone by the looks of it.

The phone itself looks great, though.  I’d love to see CM9 on it.

Buzz Moody

I’m not going to lie. I like the look of this phone. I like the look of Sense UI. I like HTC’s displays.

The only thing that holds me back are the specs and the fact Sense UI will still eat that small battery alive.