Samsung might not be launching their premium high-end Galaxy S III at Mobile World Congress, but from the looks of things they are going to be looking after the low-end market with the Galaxy Mini 2 — a successor to the now year-old Galaxy Mini that launched on Boost Mobile.

The new Galaxy Mini 2 features a faster processor (800MHz vs 600MHz) and larger screen (3.3-inch vs 3.14-inch) than the previous version, along with a higher resolution (HVGA vs. QVGA) which means no more QVGA screens on low-end devices!

Source: GSM Arena.
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I understand the need for lower end phones but I would hope by now we would be getting to a stage where even the new entry level phones would be 1GHz min.


Hardly call that a step up in screen size!!??

Jake Oliver

Given that they are about to launch the GS3, I would have thought it would have at least the same specs as the first gen galaxy s.


Really? Barely even an incremental upgrade! Didn’t Samsung etc all say they were going to release less phones and go for quality instead? Not so sure about this one…each company should have 3 phones. 1 top end, 1 mid range and 1 lower end …my 2c anyway


I would like 4 phones from each company, 2 mid range ones to target different parts of the market.


I agree, one entry to mid level one to cater basic day to day useage the other more media prone ie: social networking and music side of things and the flagship that does it all and has the power to back it up.


Two mid levels bad 🙂


Well this phones is targeting the entry level market. The mid level and flagship level will definitely have lesser phones than last year.