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It looks as though Amazon Germany is getting a little bit ahead of itself by listing the Samsung Galaxy S III on the site already. There’s hardly any information listed; not even a photo of the device. All that we can gather from the page (which will surely be taken down soon) is that it will sell for 599 Euro ($765 AUD) and feature a 4.7-inch Super AMOLED display and have a 12MP camera. Not too shabby.

Whether Amazon have inside information or whether they’re just gauging specs by the current rumours going around. We’ll find out on May 3rd when Samsung unveil the device at their London launch event.

Source: Amazon DEThe Verge.
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teguh jaya

be happy,……………………..


This is bs , they might as well list the iphone 5 ….


Wheres the plus!!!!!


Jumping the gun.