At a recent event, HTC said that they chose to make thinner phones than thicker phones with increased battery life because that’s what user feedback dictated. Motorola is a great example of where they’ve tried to appeal to both of those user wants: the RAZR is the thin device and the RAZR MAXX is thicker but has immense battery life.

HTC made sure that thinness wasn’t a big trade-off by saying that all their devices have been optimised to get the (now average) full day of battery life.

We’re quite okay with this plan, after playing with the One X we’re glad they did go for thin over thick.

Source: The Verge.
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Fuck your razor maxx bitches!!! lol
Go to usa and enjoy that brick.

David Anderton

HTC need to hurry up and give me my damn ICS. My incredible S is getting sllooooooow

An Observer

HTC pandering to customers who don’t know any better.

Moto show it can be done with the Razr Maxx. Removable is not an issue with 3300mAh on board.

But never mind, HTC phones will still sell. Just not to me, and othes who care about such esoteric stuff, apparently.

Milty C

What a load of bull. 

Motorola has shown how its done with Droid Maxx which is still a reasonably thin phone at  9mm but also has a massive battery and great battery life.If the Droid Maxx had a higher resolution screen, something like the galaxy nexus or htx one x, it would be near perfect in my book.Maybe a a Droid Maxx 2  for me since i already have a galaxy nexus thats too similar in specs to the maxx.


A thin device AND a masive battery life, now that’s what most people want ahaha
unfortunately might not be economic enough to manufacturer for now I guess.


Lies….. What a load of crap! Every smartphone users want battery life to last all day or longer!

The RAZR maxx being the thick version is still under 9mm! With a 3300mah battery.