On May 3rd we fully expect to see Samsung unveil the Galaxy S III and they have held any information regarding their flagship phone very tightly up to and including camouflaging the internal parts in generic cases, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop looking right? To that end I’ve been searching through various certification databases and found 2 recent certifications which are interesting to say the least and from here on out we will delve into what is mostly conspiracy theory territory.

What I found today was that two Samsung phones were certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance, the GT-I9800 and the SCH-I519. For background, the original Galaxy S was the GT-I9000 and the Galaxy S II was the GT-I9100, the Galaxy Nexus which is, hardware wise a variant of the Galaxy S II got 2 model numbers the GT-I9250(Global GSM Version) and the SCH-I515(Verizon CDMA/LTE Version) so something along those lines in regards to naming conventions would be in order. The GT-I9300 was thrown up as a possible model number but sources say that, the 9300 model number has been assigned to a mid-level device launching in May and so we`re now looking at other possibilities.

As I said we’re really just riffing here on what happened with the model numbers on the Galaxy Nexus launch, could the existence of these two model numbers mean we will see an international GSM version and a Verizon model? Or is this just a co-incidence that these have come out? There are certainly differences in the certifications, but then there was in the certifications for the Galaxy Nexus WiFi certifications. All we know is that until the May 3rd event in London we don’t really know anything. So, who else will be getting up at 4am to watch coverage of the event? I know I will.

Source: Wi-Fi Certification.
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Try and make it three news articles in a row of sg3 rumours!? Anyway why are samsung hiding the internals? I doubt the phone is going to be a game changer. It will probably just sit with the one x, might have a slight spec advantage but have a worse design. All this speculation always leads to a disappointment, as people inflate the reality(ip4s?). Reality is, Samsung just has to be slightly infront to sell big; they won’t bring out something too infront (better), insteading saving it to keep profits higher as they are making much less on the gs2… Read more ยป

Frank Benign

ifย  SGSIII == SGSII with better battery, SAMOLED+ HD display, flat back; me happy;


hope its wrong, there is no 5gz mode like there galaxy tab

Rohan Juneja

Maybe a Galaxy S III without the phone, like the other Sammy phone, i think galaxy wifi but i could be mistaken, but upgraded?

Pure speculation, I’m probably completely off


Good research man. Awesome!


Nice investigation!

Will be interesting to see what comes of this next Friday.

And yes, I will be up at 4am. ๐Ÿ˜‰