Way to go, Motorola, why not just release videos of Ice Cream Sandwich instead of the actual update. Well that’s what has happened. So if you’re interested in seeing what your device will be running in a matter of months be sure to check out the videos below. They’re all in a foreign language, but still enjoyable to listen to nonetheless.

The overall vibe form the videos seems to be that Motorola are toning MotoBLUR down, as all the animations and icons seem to be stock. This is a massive win for users as anything is better than MotoBLUR. If this is direct influence from Google, then I thoroughly approve.

Source: Phandroid.
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Razr Doesn’t have Motoblur… It never did. Motocast = New Motoblur for Razr, Atrix 2 etc.


So next month is “months” away?


The video’s in japanese but with all the katakana words used on what’s shown on screen, even those who don’t understand will get what’s being described haha.

Looks good that it’s not moving far away from the vanilla ICS stuff. But they need to work faster.


Honestly, at least it shows they’re doing something! One of the reasons I bought the phone was because I was supposed to have this update 6 weeks after then nexus released. I’m used to this kind of disappointment though.


REAL ics upgrade !