MobiCity have released some interesting info regarding their best-selling phones over the previous 3 years. Unsurprisingly it’s all Android at the top; leading the pack is the Samsung Galaxy S II followed by the HTC Desire — the device was a huge success when it first launched back in 2010.

Behind that is the Desire HD, another hallmark device for HTC. In fourth spot is the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, not too bad a position when it only launched in October. To round out the top 5 is the HTC Wildfire — HTC’s third entry in the list — which was a pretty compelling low-end device when it first launched, however, it has since been replaced with the Wildfire S.

The top 10 consisted of:

  1. Samsung Galaxy S II
  2. HTC Desire
  3. HTC Desire HD
  4. Samsung Galaxy Nexus
  5. HTC Wildfire
  6. Samsung Galaxy Note
  7. HTC HD2
  8. BlackBerry 9800 Torch
  9. iPhone 4
  10. Nokia N8

So it wasn’t all Android, but they were the overall majority. The 6th place of the Galaxy Note certainly helps cement those stunning sales numbers we saw released by Samsung a few months ago. It has been a device that has sold more than we could have ever imagined.

And no, before you flame the comments, this isn’t a paid/sponsored post, it’s just interesting information regarding the sale of the Android devices in Australia (and how awesome the Galaxy S II is).

Source: MobiCity (blog).
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Interesting stats. Also interesting to note that iPhone 4S, which is arguably the world’s best selling phone, is not even in the top 10 here. Also interesting that there is not a single WP7 device. The HD2 was an awesome device for its time,and it probably was Mobicity’s best-selling phone before HTC Desire. But apparently not many of those HD2 customers chose to replace their phones with a WP7 one. At the end of the day, what this stat really means is that the general public gets its phones either on contract from telcos, or pre-paid from brick and mortar… Read more »

Matt McLeod

This isn’t exactly a shock. People buying iPhones are largely getting them on contract. Heck, people getting new phones in general are largely getting them on contract. Mobicity’s market (and I’m a part of that, I’ve bought from them a few times) is enthusiasts. There’s not a lot of advantage to buying an iPhone somewhere like Mobicity compared to going to your nearest Apple Store to pick one up, so if I were buying an iPhone outright today I’d probably not do it through Mobicity. So, yeah, basically: Mobicity’s primary market is people who’d be buying droids. No surprise then… Read more »

Buzz Moody

Yeah, absolutely. I’d rather pay for an iPhone over the life of a contract rather than a large lump-sum payment.

Android devices depreciate quickly, it’s usually not worth it over a 24-month contract.

Matt McLeod

I got a huge shock on that second point. Bought a Galaxy Nexus, went to re-sell and it’s already ~$400 new. Frustrating as all hell.

Mind you the up-front cost of an iPhone isn’t that different to that of a highest-end Android device, at least if we’re comparing Mobicity/Expansys/Kogan style shipped-from-Hong-Kong style, anyway.

Tim Welsh-Eliot

What’s to flame? It is what it is… The common people obviously buy their iPhone’s from their local telco at the mall…

Buzz Moody

Trolls love flaming any time MobiCity is mentioned.

Ken Otsuji

this is mobicity’s best selling phones… not the whole market lol

Tim Welsh-Eliot

Er, wasn’t a troll, guys. Read Matt McLeod’s reply – he just put it way better than me!