Although there has been no word (yet) about the Australian launch of the Galaxy S III — we’ve seen a few things, however — there could be a global delay of the “Pebble Blue” Samsung Galaxy S III. For those playing along at home, we’re simply referring to the blue version of the Galaxy S III that’s meant to look more like a pebble.

There has been no confirmation from Samsung about the delay, however, multiple online retailers in Europe have sent emails to customers informing them of a delay due to Samsung cancelling shipments to suppliers. It has been reported that 600,000 Pebble Blue battery covers (back covers) had to be destroyed by Samsung because they were defective.

Another reason that has been reported is that Samsung only started production of the blue model at the start of last week, which won’t give them enough time to fulfil demand by the expected June 20th release date. Local suppliers such as Kogan and MobiCity haven’t reported any slowed shipments as of yet, but we’ll let you know should we hear anything.

Samsung Australia will surely cover the official reasons at their launch event next Friday when they layout their local launch plans for the Galaxy S III. The white version is confirmed to be arriving on time, with battery covers working as expected.

Source: Phandroid.
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ooh I like this colour ^-^

unfunk Freeman

isn’t it being launched on the 31st? That’d be this Thursday… 🙂