If you’re the owner of an ASUS Transformer Prime that’s suffering from the GPS bug that has plagued a sizeable amount of devices, you can apply to ASUS to receive a GPS dongle to help alleviate the problem free of charge. We’ve heard from a couple of Australian users who have received the dongle in the last week.

ASUS Australia have informed us that if users wish to apply for a GPS dongle, they should either visit the dedicated webpage, or call ASUS Australia support on 1300 27 87 88.

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James Bernard

Yep, got mine last week. I didn’t really have any GPS issues before, only when inside! Haven’t tried it outside yet… this weekend I will


Ditto for me, got mine yesterday. Granted the GPS on my Prime actually works somewhat fine before (albeit with a 1-2 minute delay), though with the ‘dongle’ (that still sounds like a dirty word!) attached, signal locate and lock on becomes almost instantaneous – but oh does it add a disfiguring ‘chin’ to the tablet bottom… Still, better than nothing…in which case, well done ASUS for taking the extra mile with rectifications!

Paul Elward

Yay! Mine says shipped too. Free stuff is cool.

Ben Neill

Mine arrived in Brisbane today… was starting to think it’d gone missing!


Yeah just arrived today, was shipped to me in Brisbane using australia air express from Sydney.
Was pleasantly surprised especially since I already forgot all about it haha.


I don’t have a Prime but a tf101 – and GPS is fine.

What’s the situation with 201? Was looking to upgrade :s


I’d wait for the TF700 infinity if I were you.
I don’t really use the GPS on my tablet so can’t comment on that, otherwise it’s a nice tablet, as far as android tablets go. Wifi is fine as well, unless I’m in a dungeon like lecture hall at uni in which even my laptop and phone will have trouble picking up wifi signals.

Brian Hislop

Just checked the status of mine, and it says it has shipped. Sweeet! (haven’t checked for weeks, but it previously said something else)

I don’t know if I will feel the urge to use it, but how cool is free stuff??? 😉