Did you want to attend the Samsung Galaxy S III launch event this Thursday but just couldn’t make it to Sydney (like me)? Well thanks to Vodafone this is no longer an issue. The telco will be live streaming the event on their website, hosted by the one and only, Fuzzy (of Video Hits hosting fame).

The stream will start at 9:50AM and end.. well.. when the event gets boring — for Samsung fanboys, it will never end. Make sure you hit up Vodafone’s site Thursday morning to tune in.

Source: CNET Australia.
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Vodafone has hidden the blog post to the live stream, so here’s the direct link


Thanks for the link, +’d.


hope that doesn’t mean it is limited vodafone exclusive


What about Optus and Telstra???

Damon Lewis

I wonder what they could possibly do/show that wasn’t already covered by the reveal event…

Geoff Fieldew

All the Australia-specific stuff like network partnerships, availability dates & such.


Well I followed both the London event and a media event in Malaysia by Samsung, in terms of content, they were almost carbon copies of each other even with the live orchestra except small details like which carriers will carry the phone etc. with no revelation of price whatsoever during those events leaving it to carriers to announce by themselves afterwards. This events seem more like some kind of event to directly give information about the device to local media some of which have not yet become aware of the device and let them play around with the device during… Read more »