We’ve received a number of photos from our savvy, awesome, and quite honestly, sexy readers showing Samsung Galaxy S III ads popping up around Sydney. There doesn’t seem to be a specific area they’re targeting as all the photos came from different parts in and just out of the city centre. The ad does show the Galaxy S III as coming in two colours, meaning that we’ll likely see the white version launch here first and the “Pebble Blue” version launch here later once supply isn’t so limited. We’ll confirm more once Samsung announced details on Thursday morning.

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Any word on if the SG3 will have the “blue tick” for coverage? Surely Telstra would release a LTE version?? Has anyone heard what the battery life is like on the SG3?


I hear from partner that’s a store manager that the sgs3 will be available with in 2 weeks on Telstra 3g model not the lte version


Hey, did you find out which versions they will be carrying (16GB or 32GB or both)?


16gig I’m lead to believe


Cool, thanks. It always has a micro SD card slot and 50GB of dropbox free! It should make the MRO’s cheaper!

Susan Martin

With Telstra, you’ve got to be joking, LoL.


@ Susan Martin well, i would assume that the MRO for a 16GB SGSIII would be cheaper than the MRO for a 32GB SGSIII, even Telstra are not that stupid and illogical! lol. Also, the HTC One XL 4G being $65 p/month, i would think that a HPSA+ 3G SGSIII (which has turned up on Samsung’s support site under GT-i9300T) wouldn’t be too much more expensive per month than the One XL 4G ie maybe $69 ($59+$10) for a 16GB model.


That sounds like a bit too fast, Telstra will need at least a month to NextG “optimise” the thing haha.


They been doing that for the last few weeks 😉


Designed for humans? but but what about sheep?


You mean these phones weren’t designed for birds? Absurd!


I saw one in Bondi a few minutes ago – was going to take a photo but then the light turned green.


Was hoping you’d say something crazy like ‘the one on the right was taken by an S3’. =) can’t wait for the phone’s review and see how good it is in the real world.

Buzz Moody

For those interested, the photo on the right was taken on a Galaxy Note. The one on the left by a Desire.


+1 for the NOTE!