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Update: Telstra will be stocking the 32GB version, not the 16GB. Massive win for users.

It’s here ladies and gentlemen; Telstra have officially announced the HTC One XL and made the HTC One XL order page live, so you can now preorder the device. Pricing is set at $6 handset repayments (after MRO) on the $59 Freedom Connect Plan (as suspected) or $0 on Telstra’s $79 Freedom Connect Plan — includes unlimited message bank and texts, as well as $800 credit and 2GB of data.

The first 300 customers who pre-order their HTC One XL online will receive a set of Beats™ Solo™ High Performance On-Ear Headphones with ControlTalk™ (valued at $279).

All approved orders will be shipped on June 1st, so they’ll arrive in your hands around the middle of next week. If you prefer to pick on up in-store you’ll have to wait until 5 June.

Source: TelstraTelstra Press release.
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The Pre-Order site has changed to ‘coming soon’, and the link to the Telstra onlineshop page I had previously visited is now coming up with an error when I go to it.

Nick Yates

Yeah, any idea what happened to this Ausdroid?


Whats the diference between the one x an one xl

Ben Mousti

Sucks they don’t have white ones yet.


Yeah where is the white version? So much better looking I am holding out for it


Yea, we get 32GB 🙂 Thats been on the HTC website for weeks. Oh and they removed the mention of first 300, so it looks like all orders before June 4th get them 🙂


Is this correct? This page lists it as having 32GB memory



seems correct! htc’s website says the same. telstra must have worked something out so that we didnt get the 16gb version. probably something about taking all those grey ones off their hands lol


Any idea what the price outright for the phone is?


Any chance this will be available in white? It seems that at every turn manufacturers seem to make one little choice that makes what would have been ‘perfect’ into something less than.

Donald Sean Kinmonth

Bugger. Can’t get on to the site now so I guess I missed out on the freebie headphones.

Eoin Cuinn

I couldn’t pre order at midday. I could at 1400.


BAM placed my order, better be one of the first 300 lol.
shame its only in GREY, white looks soooo much better D:


Well I can’t see anywhere on the Telstra page about it being the first 300…I see
“Pre-Order offer only available until Midnight, 4 June 2012, AEST unless withdrawn earlier by Telstra.”
So as long as it’s ordered before then we should get them, as long as stocks are there. No way they can be out of stock already surely?


Can’t see the Headphones on the order.. Maybe all gone?


Nor can I hope they just send them.


Awesome! Just ordered mine!

Same 😀 i even payed out my current iCool for it.