Just when you thought 720p displays on 4 or 5-inch smartphones were good enough, LG comes in to blow our minds once again. Although their recent devices have been pretty mediocre, LG’s display technology is astounding to say the least. Their latest creation is a 5-inch Full HD (yes, 1920×1080 pixels) capacitive display with a pixel density of 440ppi — that’s well above anything commercially available in that size region, it also pushed it above and beyond Apple’s “Retina Display” moniker.

This technology isn’t just a concept, LG are expecting to have it in mass production in the second half of this year. Meaning we could see a device using this display before the end of the year is out — I bet you’re already putting a Full HD phone on your Christmas list. The technology behind it is called “Advanced High Performance In-Plane Switching” which is a variant of IPS that has wide viewing angles and excellent response times. We can’t wait to see this in action.

Source: Engadget.
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Dean Reading

Is anyone else thinking this is a little unnecessary?

Buzz Moody



Necessary, maybe not, but human wants has always brought us forward in technology.
If we limit ourselves by what’s just necessary, there won’t be much new tech haha XD
A HDTV is not necessary as well, but because people want, it was mass produced and eventually become cost effective enough for people who did not want it at first to get one as well ^^


Shut up and take my…….oh wait what? LG you say, moving on.


And running Gingerbread…


I’m so gfar not convinced in the whole PPI argument, even though I’m a photographer. My Galaxy Note is clearly sharper (with more contrast) than the HTC One X with a higher PPI. Side by side it’s quite an easy difference to spot.

Damon Lewis

That’s because the Note and the One X has different screen tech, not purely a PPI difference.


woah, imagine that screen as a phone
no bezel, no buttons
make it happen