Starting to see reports that Vodafone Nexus S users are seeing Jelly Bean being pushed out to their Nexus S this morning. First Tweet we saw was from Taufiq :

I confirmed he is on an Australian Vodafone Nexus S and is using an Australian SIM.

Seen a second tweet from Slarv :

He is on a Crazy Johns Nexus S which is Vodafone based stock.

I’m currently checking with Vodafone but the nature of international rollouts is a bit tricky, so far the Vodafone Blog has no updates and yesterdays Software update listed the status for Jelly Bean as ‘We’ll let you know when Jelly Bean is available. Please stay tuned.’ although at the top of the blog is a line which reads : There has been a delay to the supply of some information. Further updates will be added to this table tomorrow (Thursday 9th August 2012).

Tweet us or let us know in the comments if you have also received an OTA this morning on your Nexus S.

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I still haven’t got mine…anyone else?


Yep, my dads nexus s got the update. My mums Galaxy W also got the 2.3.6 (value pack) update.
I would feel left out with my Gnex but I flashed JB onto it last week because I was fed up of waiting. 😛


Interestingly the vodafone blog hasn’t been updated to show the Nexus S roll out… the special announcement was for a “Value pack” for the Samsung Galaxy W.

Taufiq Khan

Performs well so far, but kills battery faster. I really hope they release a new Nexus phone with a decent camera soon.


got the jelly bean update too this morning. bought the phone from voda but using optus sim :9


Good on Vodafone for sneaking the update at the eleventh hour.
So how come the Vodafone Nexus S has received the update ahead of the Galaxy Nexus??
Is the Nexus S the “yakju” version and updates directly from Google?


There was no such carrier version for Nexus S. The OTA version simply avoids the need to have custom recovery or the need to install from factory images (wiping it).


Sorry, I should have dropped “vodafone” from my previous comment… With ya on there being no carrier verisons for the Nexus S. There isn’t for the Galaxy Nexus either, but there are two threads to the Galaxy Nexus, one thread gets its updates fom Google, where the other thread gets their updates via Samsung. I was just more aware of discussion around how and where the Galaxy Nexus gets updates than i was with the Nexus S, so i wasn’t sure if there was a simlar thing for the Nexus S (i.e. two main threads) or if they were all… Read more »


Also received my update this morning on my Nexus S. I got the phone through a Vodafone plan but after a year changed to Telstra prepaid in March.

Matt Horam

I just got the OTA notification but every time it tries to download the 114mb file, it says “verification failed”, which is good, because my data allowance with Vodafone does not have that much remaining for the month…I wonder if I can get it over WiFi?

Brian Hislop

It’s been possible in the past, I doubt this would be any different.


i’m pretty sure i updated mine over wi-fi…

Daniel Tyson

I’ve updated my phones previously on WiFi, there is no difference it’s just data, get to some WiFi and you should be right.


Got it on my Nexus S this morning. Optus network (Exetel). International imported phone.

Michelle Treloar

My Nexus S phone just completed its update to Jelly Bean. Now I can enjoy the feature I have been enjoying on my nexus 7 on my phone.


Being able to beam large content (eg videos) between them is a nice JB win.