Gameloft have just announced their first game using the Unreal Engine, Wild Blood, is released today on iTunes, and coming soon to the Google Play store! Wild Blood is a third person action game centered around the Legend of Arthur of Camelot. With an original storyline, you’ll be taking on the role of Lancelot and facing the legions of hell.

With amazing graphics and real time 3D fights, this is a brilliant mix of exploration, horde-based combat, boss fights, puzzle solving and much more. You have the options of solo mode or multi-player mode, with up to 6 players via local wi-fi or online.


The great king Arthur has gone mad, fueled by the ultimate betrayal of his most trusted knight sir Lancelot who is in love with his Arthur’s wife Queen Guinevere.

With Arthur now dejected and sad, his sister Morgana Le Fey, an all-powerful sorceress, uses this opportunity to take advantage of the grief-stricken king. In his desperation he is tricked into thinking that by allowing Morgana to use her dark magic, he can take his revenge against Lancelot.

Unwittingly, he agrees to open the hellgate allowing all forms of demons to enter the world.
Embodying Lancelot, you’ll have to fight these demons on your journey to Avalon. With the help of Galahad, knight of the round table, you’ll travel among 10 different levels facing all kind of creatures using axes, a bow or your great sword.

You’ll then have to face Morgana & Arthur in order to save Guinevere who has been captured.

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    john sweeny

    I am sooo tired of android market getting everything last. Google Play gets maybe 1 new game or app a month if that when ios gets like 50 per day…ios wins hands down and I am sick of it. Just wanted to vent thanks I am not buying an iphone or anything…waiting for the next nexus.

    Damon Lewis

    How much is it going to cost?