On the back of Eric Schmidts announcement at the Motorola event this morning advising that 1.3 Million Android Activations occur everyday, the latest update from the Google Developer Dashboard has just been released and gives us the latest break down of the OS version numbers for those 480 Million devices currently running Android.

Gingerbread is still the largest distributed version of the Android Operating System but is definitely declining at a steady rate down a further 3% from last months report to 57.5%. Ice Cream Sandwich is growing pretty well now on 20.9% of Android Devices. Cupcake still makes an appearance at 0.2% remaining steady from last months results as does Donut however it fell from 0.5% to 0.4%. Froyo and Eclair are both declining in market share while Jelly Bean continues to climb albeit slowly, currently showing up on 1.2% of devices up from 0.8% last month. Honeycomb distribution has unfortunately remained steady on at least 2% of devices, I’m pretty sure owners of devices running Honeycomb would welcome an ICS upgrade.

Source: Google Developers.
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Nick Bryant

Don’t see how Jelly Bean is going to gain much share if I can’t even get an OTA update to my Galaxy Nexus build IMM76K.

Daniel Tyson

You’re still on Carrier branded software?

George Lu

I’m still on Honeycomb (GT7.7) and want to upgrade to ICS or JB. Samsung hasn’t provide any update to the device.


The Europe and Hong Kong versions of the 7.7 have had ICS for about 2 months. I am on 4.0.4 build July 2012. P6800XXLPW