You may have heard of an Android device called the Samsung Galaxy S III — it’s kinda popular. By “kinda popular”, we mean it has sold over 20,000,000 (yes, 20 million) units of the device. To give you an idea of how popular the Galaxy S III is: in almost the same period of time last year, the Galaxy S II had sold only 10 million units.

200,000 Galaxy S III’s sold each day worldwide

Samsung have come up with what seems like a winning formula for an Android device. Can they pull this same feat off with the successor the Galaxy S III? Probably. But for now, Samsung will sit back and bask in the glory of these great sales figures — and release handfuls of variants, like the Galaxy S III 4G.

Source: The Verge.
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Have been said again and again, HTC One X certainly has beautiful hardware and all but the configuration and menu flow of Sense buggers the hell out of me – Touchwiz despite its cartoonish-ness is actually quite straightforward and even intuitive to use… Oh, and short of being a numbers nazi, Buzz, but that should read 200,000 devices a day (20 million over 100 days since announcement) not 20,000 …. =)

Buzz Moody



Marketing , and Sense UI makes no sense anymore. As much as touchwiz is slammed I personally find it much closer to stock than Sense ( yes I’ve used both , and I use to be a die hard HTC fan until I used the Galaxy S2 for a month ). Sealing in the battery and no SD card must hurt them too.

Taufiq Khan

Consistently surprised by this – not saying this isn’t a great device, but there’s so many similar handsets in the market (HTC One X anyone?) that don’t do nearly as well!


I have a HTC One X and love it. Feels much more well built than anything Samsung has ever made… not sure why they haven’t really caught on.


It’s marketing. Apple does not have best hardware but they have best marketing.

Buzz Moody

Having used both the One X and One XL (for an extended period), I couldn’t stand it.

Hardware wise, I feel it was better than the Galaxy S III. Software wise, it made Web OS feel like a legitimate option.

Despite the similarities, there’s no comparison between the One X(L) and the Galaxy S III. One’s a good handset. The other is junk. Sorry HTC, you used to be cool.

If they launch a 5-inch device with a 1080p display – they’re cool again.

Yeah but it won’t multitask, and the battery will suck.