It’s no secret that the Samsung Galaxy S III is due to receive Android 4.1 Jelly Bean sometime soon, maybe within a few days to a week.

What some of you may not be aware of is that Samsung has been leaking unofficial Jelly Bean builds for the Galaxy S III for the past few weeks, and the pace is almost unbelievable. I kid you not, Samsung is releasing a new build every day or every other day, and the fine folk at XDA Developers are quick to jump on each new release and package it up for those who live life at the bleeding edge to sap up.

I have been keeping pace with the Jelly Bean leaks for the last couple of weeks, and while it’s quickly becoming tiring flashing a new ROM every day, I am impressed with the speed that Samsung is not only releasing test software, but updating it to address niggling issues. In the last week alone, issues with GPS and WiFi have been looked at, as well as third party app compatibility with launcher issues.

If you, too, would like to try life on the bleeding edge, head over to the following threads on XDA Developers and dive in. Be warned, you’ll need to have rooted your device and have a custom recovery installed, or alternatively, be fairly familiar with the use of Odin. That said, the process is fairly safe, and unless you’re careless, you shouldn’t have any issues at all.

Enough warnings, head over here:

There you have it folks. We don’t recommend you try this on your primary phone, because there exists the remote possibility you’ll stuff something up. Also, remember these are leaked releases, and they do have bugs. Granted, they’re not serious ones, and you certainly could use these builds for daily use. Just don’t blame us, or Samsung, if your handset has quirks — no final Jelly Bean ROM has been released for the Galaxy S III, and for good reason. They’re not ready just yet!

Enjoy, and let us know in the comments if you’ve taken the plunge with one of these test builds too.

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Does anyone know if its fine to flash these with a i9300T model?

Chris Rowland (Team Ausdroid)

Fairly sure that they only work on the i9300 international model.. not the T version.


Been using LI5 for last few hours. Working very well. Only issue I see so far is artifacts when scrolling with custom launchers. I think people refer to as alpha drawing or something similar…basically shadows behind test and icons. That is all

Aliff Abdullah

I’m guessing Samsung wants to get JB out in time for the iPhone announcement to steal some attention away from Apple. Lucky us!


I’d not be surprised in the least if their plans are to have it ready and shipping before the crApple announcement

Oh I’m hoping they do 😉