Yesterday we posted that Kogan was selling the LG Nexus 4 for $519. Well, it seems we can add another retailer to the list of Nexus 4 sellers. We received a tip this morning informing us that Harvey Norman would be selling the Nexus 4 from the 1st of February. As the Nexus 4 has turned out to be one of the most difficult phones to find in 2012, Harvey Norman are going to be selling the Nexus 4 at the price of $496 compared to $399 on the Play Store.

If we are to expect the Nexus 4 to come back into stock on the Play Store in February. Does this seem to be a bad move on Harvey Norman’s part? Personally I think it will be, when the Play Store finally receives stock of the phone, unless Harvey Norman reduces the price of the phone when it does.

Are you desperately waiting for the LG Nexus 4? Would you rather pay an extra $97 to get the phone on the 1st?

Thanks: Mark Corlson.
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its only $77 more from Harvey’s. No &19.99 delivery charge.


Wonder when HN will have a display model out to play with. Im curious how it performs and feels like as I still havent seen one in the wild yet.


I don’t like where this is going. If Harvey Norman is going to be selling them at $496 then they would want LG to delay selling the N4 on the Play store for $399 so HN can sell enough phones before being undercut by the Google store. I got a feeling that LG will delay the phone’s return to the Google store because of their arrangements with the retailers.

Stuart Cole

Pffft, what makes you think that decision is theirs to make?


It seems they’re selling it on contract as well with optus –


This is all IF Harvey’s gets them in stock. They had the Galaxy Camera advertised as coming mid November… but I really only managed to pick one up Xmas eve


Hope Kogan drops their price on 1 Feb.

Anyone know how much delivery is for the N4 from Google Play?


The Nexus 4 has lost its shine. it maybe cheap but it’s still an LG device that is already superseded. By the time we are able to get it for the correct price of $399, the S4 Pro chipset phones will be readily available and soon 8 core exynos phones. This phone will be relegated to the “pauper” phone division all because Google does not know how to launch hardware devices.


Disagree. It won’t be cutting edge hardware soon, agreed. But at $399 it’s still fantastic value, when you consider what these newer phones will cost. The Nexus 4 hardware should be more than capable for another year+


You may disagree, but your comments are flawed. 1. It is already not cutting edge hardware – The CPU has been replaced by the S4 Pro and the Exynos 5 (view benchmark scores for verification) and shortly the Exynos 8-core CPU with the S4. – It does not have LTE – The display is 320 dpi / ppi where other phones are 326+ ppi. These components alone are major contributors to the phone not being cutting edge. 2. The cost is NOT $399 but $496. When you consider the Meizu MX2 has a faster CPU (on paper), better dpi /… Read more »


And will the meizu ever receive an update? Also 320ppi compared to 326 makes absolutely no difference. Compared to the recent 1080 displays though it does seem lacking.


The original response was to “cutting edge”. 320 vs 326 is still a difference and hence, its not cutting edge. Agree, compared to the 1080p screens now that will be delivered with the Sony / HTC phones, its lacking.


It may not be bleeding edge but when has a nexus ever been that way?

Its a mid tier phone, even when it was released.

You seem to be forgetting that its still nearly 1/2 or 2/3’s the price of most of the phones your comparing it to.

The Meizu is very similar on paper.. but if youre worried about lgs build quality I wouldnt even bother with them. Plus you will be stuck with a phone with no community, a crap skin and no updates.


Your comments seem erratic, general and difficult to follow since your replying to my original post. I’m not sure what how you worked out that “1/2 or 2/3’s the price of most of the phones your comparing it to”. I compared it directly to the Meizu MX2 is available in Australia for $459 vs the $496 Harvey Norman is asking. Last time I did maths at school, it makes the Meizu MX2 cheaper! I did not question the LG build quality, so by implication are you indicating that the build quality is below an acceptable standard? Having seen some posts… Read more »


“It is already not cutting edge hardware – The CPU has been replaced by the S4 Pro and the Exynos 5 ”

The Nexus 4 uses the S4 Pro.


Could probably bargain the phone down $50, also at least if something goes wrong you can just take it to harvey norman instead of sending back to google

Sean Royce

Doubtful, it’s in stock rarely so they want to make the most profits if they’re the few that have them ready to sell.


Depends if it is the 8Gb model or the 16Gb model.
496 – 399 = 97 in my books


Also you don’t have to pay the Play store delivery fee, which I think is $20+ ??

So only around $70 more with no bargaining …

Adam Ricket

my bad.. changed 🙂 and yeah 16GB

Greg McPherson

Getting closer to a number that doesn’t feel outright insulting.

Nathan Elcoate

And Gerry wonders why he can’t sell anything….

Sean Royce

At least it’s on sale, people will still buy it no matter what, and it’s still going to be a good phone in a years time.


Even though i’m using a borrowed Android phone now, I’d rather wait and get the phone from Google Play.


To be honest, The Nexus 4 was available for about 20 minutes on launch day and hasn’t been available since. I’ve been checking back with them ever since. I would buy one at that price as you are guaranteed a handset. The $399 handset is cheaper, but good luck at getting them. I seriously doubt google being able to sell that handset based on previous experience.

Adam Ricket

Google will still sell them, and you still are guaranteed a handset, you just have to be rather quick to get one