If you’re the owner of a generic Samsung Galaxy S4 bought in Australia (ie. not from Telstra, Optus or Vodafone) you should find yourself receiving an OTA — over the air — update sometime today. The major changes in this update include freeing up some internal storage space — about 90MB — and adding the ability to move apps to your SD card. Both of these were added after backlash from customers finding their 16GB devices only had 9GB of usable storage.

Other fixes included in the ‘stability’ update, which is 369.55MB in size, are:

  • Smart Pause Toggle
  • HDR Video Recording
  • Semi-transparent notification bar
  • New icons in settings menu
  • Increase in display legibility
  • New camera firmware
  • Purple ‘effect’ when scrolling should be gone
  • Implemented direct line of communication to PRISM 😉

Be sure to connect to Wi-Fi and have a fair amount of charge in your battery before downloading and installing the update. Once it’s done, let us know what you think!

Thanks: @porkfatt.
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Norman Ma

Received update today as well. The gallery app a) has had its logo changed, and b) no longer lags like hell. Big improvement in my eyes.


Have an optus model on 4.2.2. Still no updates and still unable to move apps to sd card. Any news?


The other question is does it just move the app or does it move the app and app data?


When does telstra get it? and what build number because as far as i know i have the latest 4.2.2 but the move 2 sd card does not even appear at all?


On vodafone and still waiting.


On Optus and still haven’t received any update 🙁 Friend’s S4 with update (Virgin or Vodaphone) connects to corporate wifi just fine but mine does not! When is Optus going to release this??


Yes still waiting on optus update as well. So frustrating! I just want to be able to move apps to my sd card.

curious george

model #’s please? under battery on white sticker


Seems to have fixed the camera crashing issues I had. Oops spoke to soon, I still can’t turn on the voice control setting.


I have rooted my S4, what is the best course of action here?
Unroot? See what happens? Not bother?


Actually I answered my own question.. when I went to ‘software update’ in the settings menu I got a message saying ‘Your device has been modified, software updates are not available’.

Guess I will unroot it tonight and then re-root after I update.


Got it. Couldn’t notice anything different. Will take Buzz’s word that it did the above. Just one more benefit for buying outright from JB. Contract/Carrier phones never again.

Joshua Hill

Does this help with the S4’s lag? I’d love to get one before EOFY but I won’t pony up for the reported laggy experience.

Buzz Moody

I’ve never experienced lag on mine.

Joshua Hill

Cheers Buzz. It was reported around the globe and on Ausdroid. Anyone who experienced the laggy UI got this update? Any improvements?


I bought mine through JB Hi-Fi in Adelaide and have the update prompting for install also.

Buzz Moody

Yep, if it’s not directly from a carrier, you’re good to go 🙂


Unless you got it from the Telstra section of JB…


I’m with Virgin mobile and received it today too.

Buzz Moody

Yep, Virgin appear to be selling the generic model. Quicker updates for you!