According to the site VR-Zone Google are looking to launch their next major version of Android, the elusive Key Lime Pie/Android 5.0, in October. It was thought that Android 4.3 would be the next release, however, it seems that Google are instead going to work on optimising the hell out of Android 5.0. This gives more ‘breathing room’ for manufacturers and carriers to update current devices instead of worrying about Android 4.3 — something neither seem to be too great at.

VR-Zone reports that Android 5.0 will be highly optimised and targeted at devices with 512MB of RAM or more, making devices with 1GB+ well and truly future-proofed. Android hasn’t had the greatest track-record when it comes to optimisation, so if this report is true, it will be quite refreshing.

It’s also interesting to note that Motorola’s X-Phone is also expected to launch some time around October. Could it be running Android 5.0 at launch? You’d imagine so. Let’s hope there’s more to be leaked about Android 5.0 up until October. Exciting times!

Source: VR-Zone.
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    If its going to support lower end specs I’d also like to see it able to completely run from SD storage. Many older phones fit the 512MB RAM spec but quickly run out of space even when you are able to move most of the apps to SD storage.

    Daniel Carr

    All those midrange phones nearing the end of their contact, people will throw CM with Android 5.0 on there and the numbers will bump big time. End of ‘fragmentation’ claims once and for all.

    Sean Royce

    Bold statement. Android fragmentation will be around for a long time to come. Google really fucked up in that department. I know Android is open. But they needed to get around to that sooner.


    Better be October and no later.


    Could we see a situation where 4.3 is released for lower end devices, with the mostly back end changes (Bluetooth 4 ect). While 5.0 comes out for higher end devices with revamped interface ect? It hasn’t been googles pathway before but why not? Especially if all the key APIs start to come bundled with Google play services instead of the os.


    But that would only increase fragmentation even more. While fragmentation is largely only a problem that is talked about by critics of Android, and not really an issue for Android users, I doubt Google would do anything to make it worse…

    Joshua Hill

    One OS to rule them all. We need less fragmentation. Two OS’s makes no sense to me.


    If you remember the Google IO keynote, they did mention that they are working hard on optimising android for low end devices and that it is always on their mind.