In early June Google that they were intending to buy Waze for US$1.3 billion and now residents of some countries are starting to see why.

Google maps is beginning to integrate the real time incident reporting, including traffic incidents, roadworks, construction and road closures – sourced from the Waze community or ‘Wazers’ into Google Maps navigation.

At this stage the updates have been rolled out to users in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, France, Germany, Mexico, Panama, Peru, USA, UK and Switzerland.

There has been no mention of the functionality rolling out to Australia on the Google LatLong Blog which announced the update, but given that Waze is actually available here, it’s likely that we could see this functionality available here at some stage in the future.

How often do you use Google Maps? Would you use it more if this service was available in Australia?

Source: Google LatLong Blog.
Via: TheVerge.
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    I get very occasional Traffic reports come through on Google Now in Brisbane. It tries to let me know when my commute will take longer than usual, but’s not particularly quick.
    I absolutely love Google Maps, I can’t wait for them to integrate Waze into Android. Thing I don’t understand is, how to people report Traffic Incidents into their phone when they’re driving?! I’d love to help enrich the service, but I’m too scared I’ll get a ticket.

    Sujay Vilash

    I am looking at buying a new car atm. They want an additional $750 for an “upgraded” stereo which I have just found out is nothing more than a standard stereo with a new software flash which adds SatNav (I don’t even get the premium Bose sound system for this upgrade). I am seriously considering using my HTC One M7 for SatNav functionality and not paying the $750. A live traffic function such as this makes the decision so much easier, especially since the dealer was harping on about the live traffic function if I pay the $750. I just… Read more »


    No australia


    Google appears to be already scraping data from various traffic management authorities in Australia and making that data available in Maps. Check out any major city in Maps during peak hour and you’ll see evidence of this. Adelaide in particular seems to be making a lot of data available.

    Phil Tann

    From my experience, I’m from Adelaide too – that’s more congestion that specific incidents and based on GPS data of people using maps that data can be pushed back to Google at any time (read the conditions of locations services)


    Good point, but I get the impression from reading some of these incidents that this information is being scraped from somewhere. Most likely the local traffic management authority. It could also be sourced from someone like SUNA, depending on whether Google has an agreement with them or not.


    Yeah i have seen the roadworks man sign too popping up on maps, detailing road closures, including times when applicable, general road works.