Sydney donations startup GiveEasy has developed a mobile platform which allows Australian charities and not for profits to benefit from mobile apps which ease the process of giving to charities.

Yesterday, GiveEasy announced a partnership with Australia Post, which will give an unspecified amount of funding to GiveEasy to help it with its social endeavours.

GiveEasy’s mobile apps are easy to use, allowing users to enter credit card details into the app once and send donations to as many charities as they like. After making a donation, users can announce it to their friends using the app’s social media sharing capabilities.

We think this is pretty cool, because as those of us involved in the Ausdroid Community Foundation can attest, fundraising for a not-for-profit is a challenge at the best of times, and any platform that can make this process easier is something beneficial to the entire sector.

The Android app, which unfortunately still shows its origins as an iOS app with design influences from that platform, nonetheless is available now and works well.

GiveEasy has also recently launched an SMS-based donation platform. Australia Post SecurePay is the payment gateway for both the apps and the SMS platform.

Of this new partnership, Australia Post said:

Australians have often given to their favourite charities through direct mail in our post offices, and now with GiveEasy we are helping them to give via their smartphones in a convenient way

We believe that making giving more accessible to more Australians will only lead to more money getting to the charities and communities that need it most.Andrea Pearman, Community Relations GM, Australia Post

GiveEasy - donate to charities
GiveEasy - donate to charities
Developer: GiveEasy
Price: Free

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