Australian Google Play Gift Cards
Tis’ the season, etc. and the latest Woolworths catalogue shows that the national supermarket chain is getting into the spirit by offering 10% off Google Play Gift Cards from tomorrow.

Google Play Gift Cards - 10Percent off

The sale which runs from tomorrow through till Tuesday the 10th of December is the first for the Google Play Gift Cards since they went on-sale here in Australia at the end of August. Woolworths has the exclusive rights on selling the gift cards through their stores as well as Big W and Woolworths Fuel outlets at least until the end of 2013.
Edit: Yes, 7-11 sell them too!

If you’re in the mood to grab some cheaper deals in the Google Play Store while the Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals are still on, then this is a great time to get some credit. This sale, the first of many I’m sure, could also position Google well to compete with iTunes cards which often appear on-sale, giving Google Play a real shot at gaining market share in the digital media market.

Source: Woolworths Catalogue.
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    Not as good value compared to the sale I’ve seen for iTunes cards.

    I’ve been using Telstra prepaid to buy apps. $15 for $30 credit


    Anyone know if you can stock up with these and buy a nexus?

    Daniel Tyson

    No you cant unfortunately

    Jonathon Neaves

    ahh… well there goes my idea >_> lol

    Paul Walker

    Can I use these for my Google Music subscription?


    You can’t use the cards for subscription services on Google Play Music.


    tyrese gibson

    How bout u change dat name ur using

    Paul Walker

    It’s my real name!


    About, You, That, Your….


    You’re actually. Spell checker thought differently.


    Bargain. I’ll be picking up some. Wait for a sale and get a further 10% off. Can’t complain about that.


    This would be awesome if I hadn’t vpn’d my Google account to be in the US so I could get access to Play Music before it came to AUS, can’t change it back now, learned the hard way that the cards are region coded when resigning with Telstra


    Wow, unlucky. My account was half way to what you’re dealing with after I used a VPN to get the 20,000 free songs locker (before they had even announced All Access). It never gave me problems until I went to subscribe to All Access later, when I needed to change the address on my card to an American address. Back to normal now, sucks that you’re stuck with it.

    Edit: Forgot to say that I might get on a couple of these Play gift cards, if not just to buy some apps and help out a few developers.


    Maybe it was Google Wallet me thinks, super lame

    Steven Chen

    Before All Access came to AUS, when you log in to Play Music on a computer, you can easily subscribe to it at USD, given you changed one your card address to US, I have one card always set at Oregon 97062, so far I’m still being charged USD 7.99 equivalent from my card monthly, yet my account is stuck in AUS market. But I’m kind of jealous you get access to US market, which has more contents and better price, now only an account that never attached with a credit card could freely access other market by using VPN.… Read more »