Nexus 7 Sleeve

For those of you who’ve previously told us that you thought Nexus accessories from the Play Store were a little bit too expensive, two things: firstly, we agree. Second, a range of Nexus accessories are now on sale at 25% off on the Play Store, and these deals are available here in Australia too.

The following products are on sale:

  • Nexus 7 Sleeve: $26.20
  • Nexus 7 2013 Folio / Bumper: $41.20
  • Nexus 5 Bumper: $29.95
  • Nexus 5 QuickCover: $41.20

You can find all the discounted accessories on the Play Store Device Accessories page. Will you be buying any at this discounted price?

Source: Play Store.
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Any idea what the shipping costs are?

Joshua Hill

It would be nice if the wireless charger got the 25% off too. Are you listening Google???

geoff fieldew

Nexus 7 Folio Bumper cover is interesting. I have the Premium cover and although it looks slimmer it doesn’t have the sleep/wake magnet thing.


Please check your html / css, Just because it works in chrome, doesn’t mean it is correct
Your main page doesn’t display correctly in firefox desktop, and no it’s not mozilla’s fault.
The article body sticks out too far and is covered by the side-bar
No criticism intended, just a (hopefully) helpful tip

geoff fieldew

Thanks for the tip! It would be cool if you could ping us via email with this sort of stuff. chris at ausdroid dot net or one of the other Editors. Cheers 🙂


This should now be fixed! 🙂

James Hector

I crumbled and now have a Yellow Nexus 5 Bumper on the way!


No shame in that, I got a red one on it’s way!