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Virgin Mobile, has today announced that pre-paid users will now be able to access the Virgin Mobile 4G network, which is powered by Optus, on their 4G capable smartphone, and it’s all as simple as pushing a button – well several.

From today existing Virgin Mobile customers with a 4G compatible handset will be able to activate 4G on their phone service by dialing ‘275’ and then pushing ‘2’. This will allow customers to access the faster 4G network to allow for

a better internet experience for customers, enabling much quicker downloading of data, streaming of video and sharing of content.

But note customers, your existing data cap will also fly by so might want to check out the data packs that Virgin Mobile sell as well.

As well as existing pre-paid users, the new access to the 4G network will also apply to new signups and what better way to attract new customers than with a shiny fast new network. Virgin Mobile Pre-Paid offers unlimited calls and text from Virgin to Virgin within Australia, as well as free voicemail in Australia, you can see more information about the Virgin Mobile pre-paid plans on their site.

Of course you should probably check out coverage before signing up to any new provider and you can see the Virgin Mobile coverage map on their website.

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David Armstrong

4G is not available in Cairns on the Optus network & Virgin uses Optus as their carrier.

Martin Leonard

Thanks for the heads up.


Must have missed this as I joined Virgin 4 months ago as pre paid and have had 4g at all times.

Paul Walker

Why dial the number? With a Telstra Pre-paid I can just use 4G if my device supports it and I’m in coverage. This seems to be making it unnecessarily difficult.

Daniel Tyson

It’s most likely activating the option on the plan – some people may not want 4G Data coverage, it will use data a lot faster and some people may not want that option.

By dialling a number they can do it themselves if they chose to without having to involve customer service calls etc