After all the leaks leading up to this morning’s launch event, the all new HTC One is finally here officially. Considering the effort HTC have put into the new One’s camera, I think we’re all a little eager to see how well it performs.

Last year’s One was lauded for its stellar low-light performance, but if you are like me, the low-light performance of the One’s camera seemed to get steadily worse over time until the point where it was basically useless in anything less than bright sunlight. The degradation happened so slowly to me that I didn’t really notice it happening until I saw someone else take a night photo with their One, which was not tainted by the pink hue and poor picture quality shown above.

Some further investigation revealed that this was quite a common problem with particular batches of the One, and the colour tint was caused by the camera module overheating during operation. If your One takes photos like the image above, take it back to your carrier-it is a known hardware fault and they should swap it over for another handset or send it away for repair.

If you’re worried that you’ve rooted your phone or that it’s a bit scratched, remember that the Australian Consumer Law doesn’t allow retailers to refuse warranty claims on these grounds alone. My phone was running custom everything, and was pretty badly damaged, and Vodafone still swapped it over on the spot because the problem was a known fault.

Have you experienced the pink tint issue on your HTC One? Did your carrier replace it for you? Let us know in the comments

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Iain Walker

I had this issue and got the phone replaced by Optus. However night shots continue to be very poor which is frustrating as I really like the HTC one.

Robert Christiansen

Returned mine to my danish carrier – they claim its due to physical stress that the camera takes pink pictures and won’t fix it – the phone is fine, has normal wear and tear – works as it should. I called HTC Support and they escalated the case because they have no idea what the repair show claims to be the fault on this picture:

Piers McCarney

I JUST started getting this fault. I am with Virgin and I notice that they are no longer listing any phones from HTC, so this could be a real pain in the arse.
That makes 2 successive generations of returning smartphones from hardware faults (last one was the Samsung Galaxy S1). My OG HTC Dream never faltered though, so that’s 1 to HTC and 0 to Samsung.


Anyone have a HTC One and on a SIM Only plan? I’ve been getting this fault.. but I have no carrier to bring it back to. Do you think HTC will fix if I contact them directly?


I got this problem too. I’m waiting for Optus to have a loan phone so I have something to use in the meantime.


I have this problem as well. The other issue is that Vodafone cant get more HTC One’s in stock to swap them with. Meaning ill have to send the phone away for 2-3 weeks.


I have this problem. I think I may have to contact VM (been almost a year)


Different fault (in call mic), but Jb just replaced my One, had a lot of incidental damage too (cracked screen, etc)… Wasn’t on the spot though, still had to be sent away, and took two weeks… The burner they gave me was an original Note…a silly, silly phone


Damn I have this purple tint in most situations, plus very blurry focus on everything. The camera has been the most disappointing feature. I got mine from All Phones… may have missed the 1 year mark now.


Mobile phones are generally covered under Australian Consumer Law for 24 months. Speak with AllPhones.


24 months is for devices on 24 month contracts.
I do not know what the minimum month limit is for outright purchase.


Jeni, under Australian Consumer Law devices are guaranteed for “a reasonable period of time” after sale. Mobile phones in Australia are predominantly sold on 24-month contracts, and as such a reasonable consumer would expect a phone to last for two years regardless of how the purchase was paid for. There are no predetermined month limits under ACL – the test is what a reasonable consumer would expect. Your rights under ACL are independent from any additional warranties that a manufacturer or supplier may offer over and above that and additionally your rights under ACL cannot be forfeited (ie, if you… Read more ยป

James Finnigan



I never said what the minimum month limit is on a warranty.
Only that I did not know what that minimum is.
I knew of the “a reasonable period of time” provision in the ACL, but I do not know how the ACL calculates what the “a reasonable period of time” is, relative to the type of device and price of device.
The only exact month limit I did know of was for devices on 24 month contracts.


So you added absolutely nothing to the discussion that hadn’t already been said. Well done.


HTC have a 2 year manufacturers warranty on their top end devices. check the handbook


Dang. I have this fault and my Australian-bought One is with me here in the UK. I doubt HTC honour warranties globally. Oh well, the M8 has already been ordered.

Daniel Tyson

Forward it on to us at Ausdroid we’ll er…look after it for you ๐Ÿ˜‰