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Moto X +1
The Motorola Moto X has only just launched here in Australia, but we already knew back in February when they announced it was on its way that they were working on a successor and the name looks set to troll a lot of companies.

For a start it seems like the name ‘One’ has been used by a lot of companies in the last couple of years: Xbox One, Fitbit One, HTC One, with HTC getting a double shot with the HTC One X+, and of course the OnePlus One is about to launch. But all that isn’t stopping Motorola from apparently looking at using the name ‘Motorola Moto X +1’ according to a tweet from @evleaks.

There’s more to the story, which may or may not be relevant to us here in Australia, because it involves the hardware personalisation service Moto Maker. According to EvLeaks, while wooden backs have been the star of their Moto X lineup, the star of the Moto X +1, will add Samsung to the list of trollee’s (Yes, I made that one up) by offering leather backs, which Samsung has used on some of their smartphone lineup as well as the about to be launched Chromebook 2 range.

The Motorola Moto X successor is expected in ‘the summer’ a reference to the Northern Hemisphere summer, which runs from the end of June till the end of September, happily encompassing the one year anniversary of the launch of the Moto X. When, what, where etc will all be clear in good time, but it sure would be nice to get

Source: EvLeaksEvLeaks Leather.
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Stephen Crisafulli

F#&% Motorola I bet they pull another release like last year. Hype the phone all over the web/world then only release in the USA.


Actually I think that it’s the tech media who are doing all the hyping, not Motorola.