The leaky sieve that is Samsung‘s upcoming release list has drip-fed us some new information again – this time, an image of the Samsung Galaxy F.

The Galaxy F designation has been rumoured since January to be a “super premium” line of devices using metal construction and higher internal specifications than the company’s current flagbearer, the Galaxy S5.

The image above – leaked online by evleaks – shows what appears to be a Galaxy S-inspired chassis with a brushed aluminium finish which looks great (in my opinion at least). We don’t really know much more about the product, but this addresses the growing complaints over the past few years over the Galaxy S line’s plastic construction.

Would you buy a Galaxy F on looks alone? What features would you want to see in the phone? Let us know in the comments!

Source: evleaks.
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I think it’s about time they updates the style of the phone. it’s good that they improve the internals. but really the looks are getting old. rather than saturating the market with clones. do something worthwhile or you’ll loose many supporters. phones like from LG, HTC, Sony have better design appeal to the current Galaxy range. I have had all Galaxy S phone models. I do like the S5 but this may be the last I buy.


Phil, buy on looks alone? Not at all.


Going to be hard to keep it in any price range suitable for any market we have.. if a S5 costs 900 new and you want to make a premium line… hmm if HTC can make uni body aluminum phones in the same price range as current flagships this venture won’t go far. . S range should be like these already. My S5 already has failed once ( died after 3 weeks). Builds are getting cheaper and gimics are getting more so 🙁