Google Hangouts saw an update to version 2.1.233 (build 1205183-30) in the wee hours of the morning.

On the surface, this version sees some small updates and bugfixes, but the main user-facing change is that you can now change the notification sound per-Hangout. While not specifically addressed in the change log, the unusual battery drain issue seems to have been fixed.

The voice calling and stickers features seen in recent iOS versions of Hangouts remain MIA on Android.

Have you noticed any other changes in Hangouts today? Let us know in the comments!

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    Phil, is there a downloadable APK available of this updated version?

    Jason Murray

    Didn’t think we’d need to provide one, all of the teams’ Hangouts apps updated themselves today. Have folks not received the update?


    I haven’t, yet, received the update.
    Pulling up the info in Settings -> Apps -> All
    I’m on version 2.1.100 (1151589-30)


    i had to sideload it myself


    Where were you able to find the Hangouts v2.1.233 APK from, Scott?
    There’s still no sign of it being pushed out to my devices.