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It’s safe to say that the launch of the Moto 360 or even the impending launch of the Moto X Gen 2, hasn’t been a smooth one. The inital launch date for the Moto 360 came and went without stock appearing and even with legal issues over warranty cleared up, it’s been a hard slog for customers wanting to get their hands on the watch. We’ve certainly felt the same frustrations and it seems they aren’t going to end any time soon.

Harvey Norman began taking pre-orders for the Moto 360 on their website yesterday, and also listed the Moto X Gen 2 on their website last night. Unfortunately, the news from people trying to purchase them hasn’t been great, with many told that stock has been delayed. The stock delay has been made official with Harvey Norman posting the following on their website :

CORRECTION: Due to supplier delays, the Motorola Moto X (product code 2764191 and 2764190) advertised at $698, and the Moto 360 Watch (product code 2764193) advertised at $325 in the Harvey Norman ‘Latest & Greatest’ catalogue, are late arriving into stores. Stock is expected at the end of November. Harvey Norman’s raincheck policy applies and orders will be taken. Offer ends 23.11.2014

The news for customers attempting to purchase the watch at JB Hifi however is slightly better, with customers reporting to us via email and Twitter that they’ve had limited success at various stores :


It appears it’s going to be a long wait before it’s an easy process to get your hands on a Motorola Moto 360 (or Moto X), so sit back and we’ll try to keep you updated as we hear more.

Source: Harvey Norman.
Thanks: AvonDanielGo Ravisingh.
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Got one at jb yesterday, I am very happy with it!

Harry Hanelt

Managed to get one from my local JB HI FI, had to haggle them a little bit for it but overall wasn’t too hard.


or get the asus zen watch

Jarryd Howard

If this keeps up I the run up to Christmas it seems like LG g watch r for me

Also can u do a comparison article between moto 360 and LG g watch r?


360 is better if there is stock or as i said the ASUS zen watch looks very nice

Avon Perera

I’ve been waiting for the 360 for ages. I like the specs of the G watch R but it just looks so horrendous that I can’t bear to buy it. The Zen watch actually looks like a decent compromise between the two and cheaper than either


Is it even worth buying any more? I mean, I really want one but it’s been like 8 months since it was announced. I’ll probably buy it and they’ll announce a second version a month later.

Tango India Mike

Agree, I wanted one 6 months ago but there will be a better version (battery, GPS, more memory?) at least by early next year. Too slow Motorola!

These ones will all be on eBay for half price by then!

Stephen Crisafulli

I give even money they announce a new Moto watch at CES as a big f you to everyone that waited and waited to get hold of the first watch.