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Google has announced some new features which users can avail themselves of to secure their accounts better. Google’s Account Dashboard has always had some fairly useful features inside, but there are some new features (which some have had access to for a little while now) which you should check out, to better secure your account against unauthorised access.

The changes to the Account Dashboard allow users to review and control the smartphones, tablets and devices that have access to your account. It’s easy to forget just how many services you might have authorised to access various parts of your Google credentials, and this dashboard makes it easy to see, and remove where necessary, those authorisations.

If you ever suspect your account has been compromised, you can log into the Account Dashboard and review any accesses, change security measures, and implement two-step authentication (which you should basically do anyway).

There’s nothing special required to access this new dashboard; just head on over and browse. Some parts that you probably should look at more closely include the authorised devices screen (shown above) and the authorised apps and services list.

Source: Google Account Dashboard.
Via: 9to5Google.