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The long, drawn out launch of the Nexus 6 in Australia continues, with a source today advising Ausdroid that the 64GB version of the Motorola built Nexus 6 isn’t due to arrive in Australia until at least next month.

This morning we saw a short flurry of activity on Google Play when the 64GB version apparently appeared for sale. We’ve been unable to contact anyone who actually managed to place an order for one, but the current status of both the Midnight Blue and Cloud White 64GB model on Google Play reads ‘We are out of inventory. Please check back soon’, but if you missed out, that may be it for a while.

There’s no further information on an actual date either, with our source unable to provide any clarification beyond ‘next month’. Google themselves have so far remained quiet on re-stock time frames for the Nexus 6 (as well as the Nexus 6 Folio case and Naked Tough Case) on Google Play. In the US, Google has responded to requests for restock information, advising that they would replenish each Wednesday, but that doesn’t seem to be the case here, although the 32GB version is now available, with stock available to ship from the 9th of January. But for die-hard Nexus fans, the holy grail 64GB model remains elusive.

Both of the Australian retailers currently stocking the Nexus 6 – JB Hifi and The Good Guys – are not even listing a 64GB model at this stage, but that may change next month as stock of the 64GB model starts arriving in the country. We’ll be following up with both stores later in the month.

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Adrian G

I got a blue 64gb from the Play Store on Thursday the 8th at 7am. It arrived on the following Monday morning. Not bad from Hong Kong.

According to my stock checker it became available at 5:30am and sold out some time after 7:30am.

Brad Hook

I got a Nexus 6 32GB from The Good Guys. Didn’t work with my Virgin Mobile SIM (no data service and constant drop outs even after meddling with APN’s myself AND at a Virgin store), so took it back to the Good Guys, store clerk’s Vodafone SIM worked straight away, but they gave me a replacement device anyway. Replacement also didn’t work on Virgin, so I asked if I could swap it for the Galaxy Note 4 instead and the Note 4 worked instantly. Good Guys were literally good guys and hooked me up with $50 store credit for my… Read more »

Caleb Johns

I’m quite happy with my Nexus 6 that I bought from JBHiFi yesterday and had no problems obtaining it. Plenty in stock at two JB HIFIs in a 10km radius of me.


they took too long and it was just too hard.. ended up with an iphone 6 + as my primary and still using my nexus 5 as my secondary.

must say lollipop is great – but that battery life though! keen to see what HTC has in store for us this year – but not sure if i want to part with my nexus 5 .. could be the end to a great thing they had going.. *looks for nexus 4 in bottom of draw*


I agree completely, Google is a joke, fix your supply chain!



ive had nexus since n4 – before that rocking the g2/3/4~ ive had most flagshhips available as ive always felt the need to change over from htc to samsung to sony back to samsung while rocking a nexus in the background.. with this iphone 6+ i havnt felt the need at all.. ive had a 3gs and a 4s before this..

can really say im so happy with iOS atm also.. it just feelsgood.jpg


Nexus is just murdered this year.


Google still has not learnt. The nexus 6 is more expensive and yet more unavailable. Woeful logistics. Get your act together Google


I had a 64GB on pre-order with Yatango. When I saw it pop up on Play this morning I emailed them and they said they still don’t know when they will have it. They offered me some store credit to take a 32GB so I did. It will arrive tomorrow 🙂

While I wanted the 64GB to store more media on there, I find myself streaming everything these days anyway, and I never got anywhere near filling the 32GB in my Nexus 5.


February release?

Nah, the 2015 flagships will be around the corner. I can wait for them.

HTC Hima/Galaxy S6/Xperia Z4. I think I’d kick myself if I spent close to a grand on the Nexus 6 and ended up wanting one of those phones more just a month later.

Nigel Percy

Did anyone get a pushbullet notifcation? Or has this been taken down? Was hoping to grab one of these but I missed out by about 10 minutes according to posts on whirlpool


Anyone else think the Nexus 6 has been a screw up from beginning to end?

Overpriced, oversized, late, too small volumes, etc. – it’s like they looked at the Nexus 5 launch and said “you know, we didn’t have enough to meet demand, so next time lets get everything else wrong as well, really complete the set”.

Would be nice if the acknowledged they’d screwed the pooch and they undertook to do it right next time (whilst sacking the person in change this time).

Frankie Chan

While I love my 32gb N6, with one Snapdragon 810 powered phone already announced in the LG G Flex 2 and more expected next month at MWC it’s already becoming old news.


It’s getting a bit late to bother about the Nexus 6 now. If they are restocked next month that’s 1/4 of the way to the next Nexus device (assuming that they carry on). And it’s halfway to the next Android release.

Come on Nexus 7… oh… wait, that’s already been used.