Note Edge Black

Note Edge Black

Samsung is beginning to push out a major software update to Australian retail Galaxy Note Edge units (those sold without carrier intervention) model SM-N915G, bringing them up to Android 5.0 Lollipop, reports SamMobile.

The update brings Google’s new Material Design user interface to the device (or perhaps rather, Samsung’s interpretation of it), along with a host of new features and improvements to existing ones – we’re talking heads-up notifications, the new multitasking UI, multiple user accounts, guest user mode, Android Smart Lock and more. SamMobile also says that the update will bring improved battery life, upgraded security and performance to the device. Bonus!

As of this morning, Telstra, Vodafone and Optus are yet to even mention whether or not the update is in testing.

The update is approximately 1018MB, so it’s probably worth updating over Wi-Fi. Remember that OS updates roll out slowly, but you can manually check if the update is available for your device by going to Settings, under About phone, in the Software update menu.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

  • Model: SM-N915G
  • Model name: GALAXY Note Edge
  • Country: Australia
  • Version: Android 5.0.1
  • Changelist: 4144270
  • Build date: Fri, 13 Feb 2015 23:58:14 +0000
  • Product code: XSA
  • PDA: N915GXXU1BOB7
  • CSC: N915GXSA1BOB7

SamMobile has also released a YouTube video showing what Android 5.0 brings to the Note Edge:

Source: SamMobile.
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Seriously.. While us S5 users are still on KitKat..

I thought HTC was bad with updates but Samsung is just as terrible, After my contract runs out I never purchase from those two companies ever again.

Brad Hook

Although I’m not that bothered as 4.4.4 is great on my device, but you’d really think Samsung would update the normal model first, or at least at the same time. The normal model is in a lot more hands than the Edge model.


Can’t blame them since the Note Edge is the flagship of flagship for Samsung.


When Samsung update the Note 4 my guess is it would go out to Europe or some parts of Asia first, long before we see it.