Huawei Watch
Huawei are set to kick off Mobile World Congress with a press announcement on the 1st of March, and amongst other products a new Android Wear watch is on the run sheet.

A keen eyed member of the Android Central crew, flying in to Barcelona for the trade-show spotted a poster advertising the watch in the airport. Not a huge amount can be gleaned from the poster which carries the tagline ‘Timeless design. Smart within’.

Huawei have obviously looked at the more successful designs on the market and opted to go with a round-faced design for their watch. The bands appear to come in options for metal and leather, but we’ll know more about the watches when the Huawei announcement begins at 1:30pm CET on Sunday the 1st of March (around 11:30pm AEDT).

Source: Android Central.
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Actually looks pretty good in those promos. That said, The LG Watch R taught me that you can dress up almost anything in carefully staged press photos.