OnePlus 2
If you’ve somehow managed to grab a OnePlus 2 invite, then the stores are now open. OnePlus has announced they have officially started sales of their ‘2016 Flagship Killer’.

The phone is now available for sale, although there appears to be a 2-3 week delay on the US model. Luckily for Australians though, the OnePlus 2 from the US is incompatible with our LTE bands so it’s time to look to Europe for sales of the phone – unfortunately when trying to purchase with an invite it looks like only the US option is available.

Style Swap covers are all listed as ‘Out of Stock’ so a repeat purchase with additional shipping will be required if you want to get one of those. Additional accessories – Translucent Gray Case, Tempered Glass Screen Protector, Premium Screen Protector, Flip Cover – are available at the moment.

The lack of invites though seems to be the big barrier to purchasing for a number of fans on the forums and social media who are reporting that even with a reservation in the 1700’s no invites have been received as yet. Leaving only those who attended events around the globe and received invites in person left to do the purchasing.

OnePlus advised they would have 30-50x the inventory they had when they launched the ‘Original Flagship Killer’, which was apparently only 1,000 units.

OnePlus has pre-sold 30,000 OnePlus 2 units in the Chinese market already according to a post on Weibo, so this may account for a large portion of inventory.

At the moment, one of your best bets for purchasing a OnePlus 2 if you’re keen on the phone is through Chinese retailers such as OppoMart who are selling the 16GB model with 3GB of RAM for $482.03 and the 64GB/4GB RAM model for $616.30.

If you’ve ordered a OnePlus 2, let us know your initial thoughts.

Source: +OnePlus.
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It really looks like a decent phone. I found the OPO too big and sold mine, but the OPT is smaller. I love the idea of having a phone that will have so many custom ROMs available. However, I just can’t justify getting a phone that doesn’t have band 28 (L700). Band 40 (L2300) for Optus I can live without, but not band 28. A real shame…


Actually, GSM Arena is reporting that the global version (non-US) includes band 40 for Optus.

Daniel Tyson

We also have that listed in our OnePlus 2 Specs post after OnePlus updated the site


You do give these guys a lot of free advertising. I hope they are sending you a device at least or some invites, you deserve it.

Tony Soprano

It’s not as if this is abnormal. It’s an Android site after all. Hundreds of tech related websites and YouTube channels all do the same.


I am not saying it is, just for a product that isn’t being released here they are getting a lot of coverage.There is no problem with it and proves they write about what is interesting but I do believe they deserve something even if invites and priority to get a OnePlus. Preference would be to be given one so they can properly review.